Author Contributor Agreement

  • Author Contribution Agreement applies to any and all articles and visuals (“Submitted Content”) that were uploaded by you to TemplateMonster. This agreement applies to any type of submitted content uploaded to TemplateMonster, MonsterPost, MonsterAuthors and so on. 
  • TemplateMonster will review all submitted content according to TemplateMonster’s own rules, guidelines, and requirements. TemplateMonster can approve the publishing of submitted content or reject it according to its own desire. Submitted content can be removed by TemplateMonster whenever it will be necessary. And submitted context may be removed without reasoning. 
  • When you assign content to MonsterAuthors or MonsterPost you hereby assign that all rights (including copyright, title, and interest) for submitted content belong to TemplateMonster company. You agree to provide TemplateMonster with all reasonably necessary requests (including executing documents) to exercise our rights for submitted content.
  • By this agreement, you also assert any moral rights concerning submitted context to TemplateMonster and allow TemplateMonster to use it at its own discretion. You also assign to TemplateMonster the right to edit, remove, rewrite, translate, change, adapt your text, and so on. By this agreement you also allow TemplateMonster to publish submitted content on its website, partners’ websites, social media pages and other platforms according to TemplateMonster’s discretion.
  • With respect to your work TemplateMonster will credit you as an author of all submitted content that was uploaded by you and later published on MonsterPost or MonsterAuthors.

You warrant that:

  1. the submitted content you upload on TemplateMonster platforms is yours and you have rights on it;
  2. the submitted content will not violate the intellectual rights and property of another person;
  3. the submitted content complies with Guest Post Guidelines
  4. you can upload content on TemplateMonster and there are no contracts that limit you from it. 
  5. there are no restrictions or limitations on the content you submit to TemplateMonster. 
  • By this agreement, if you violate any of the listed above warrants you will indemnify TemplateMoster for any loss, injury, or damage (including legal costs) suffered by TemplateMonster due to your actions. 
  • Nothing in this agreement is to be construed as constituting a partnership, employment, joint venture, or agency relationship between you and us.
  • By submitting any content to TemplateMonster you accept this agreement and you will be obliged to follow these terms.