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TemplateTrip – eCommerce Themes Author at TemplateMonster


Bitspeck – WordPress, HTML & Graphics Author at TemplateMonster


Interview with Gleb Guralnyk – Leading Graphics and Fonts Designer


SRThemes, Abukick, CreativeHybridAgency – Authors Stories


WebiBazaar – Expert Author at TemplateMonster


Author’s Experience – Interview with Eitiqad, Fluffyeditz1, Codezion


Xtremethemes – Top-Notch Shopify Author on TemplateMonster


Draganov89 – Royalty-Free Background Music Producer on TemplateMonster


Authors Talk – Interview with Zcube, Monir, Webheay, Themehurst


Barsrsind – Graphic and Motion Designer On TemplateMonster


Interview with Jumsoft – Top TemplateMonster Author

You will get a chance to read a number of inspiring interviews with authors and learn more about their experience. Top TemplateMonster authors will share their stories about how they started, what encouraged them to become an author of the marketplace, how they create the products, and how they inspire, and etc. Moreover, they will definitely share some important tips for the beginning authors.

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