Interview with Gleb Guralnyk – Leading Graphics and Fonts Designer

Nowadays, digital art is one of the most demanded niches. Every day people launch new projects, ad campaigns, open websites, and create posters to gain customer loyalty. That is why being unique and stand out of the crowd is essential for any successful business. TemplateMonster provides premium quality items of various niches, branches, and spheres. The most popular product categories are graphics and fonts, and it’s easy to explain. Each branding starts from a corporate style, colors, symbols, and typography. Today we asked our bestselling author – Gleb Guralnyk – about his story of success. Let’s find out how to make the products that are always in demand and win users’ hearts worldwide.

Gleb Guralnyk - Graphics and Fonts Designer

Gleb joined our marketplace in 2018. Since then, he has uploaded more than 95 items and got 720+ sales! Such success hides in his business’s unusual approach – he creates outstanding designs of a unique kind. You can find his works in the Fonts and Illustrations categories. Each design is filled with the care and love of the author. There is no doubt that Gleb puts his soul into developments – fancy retro-styled fonts with elegant glyphs and outlines always grab attention. And the author proudly shares his achievements on his Facebook profile.

McDonald’s used Biker Font for the season burgers posters.

McDonald's Poster with Biker Font

You can find the Whiskey Label beauty in Irish and Ukrainian beer bottle covers.

Irish and Ukrainian Beer with font by Gleb Guralnyk

Australian wine also decorates brand bottles with Amber Taste typo.

Australian Wine with Amber Taste Font

TV series use Gleb’s art in episodes. Meet “American Gods” with Droptune Typeface and “The Strain” with Whiskey Label.

American Gods with Droptune Typeface
Strain episode with Whiskey Label font

The Collins company uses Smoking Typeface for the new T-Shirt collection.

Collins Collection with Smoking typeface by Gleb

The Black Queen font decorates the Rocklahoma festival poster!

Rocklahoma festival poster with Black Queen Font

Gleb Guralnyk’s Interview

We have asked Gleb Guralnyk to share his story. In the interview, he told us about his career, sources of inspiration, and how he feels about selling items online. Read the stunning history of the leading font author at TemplateMonster!

How did you start your career?

In the beginning, CG was just my child’s hobby. But I’ve earned money as a graphic designer in 1999. That’s why I’ve decided to become a professional in this sphere.

What is common for all of your products? How can we distinguish them from others?

Most of my products are fonts, but almost every item comes with some additional graphics, which helps create a solid design concept.

Do you work alone or with a team?

I work alone, but my wife Nataly, a graphic designer, helps me a lot with almost every project.

How did you choose your career? Do you like being a designer?

I just like to make some graphic design stuff, especially fonts. And I’m very happy that this job is also my passion.

What is your favorite and least favorite part of work?

My favorite part is just the beginning of the project when I’ve already got an idea, and it starts to implement in life. The not very enjoyable part is an online publishing routine.

Do you follow up with the latest design trends? What trends do you use in your work?

I’m trying not to follow design trends. I’m just doing things that I like. If it coincided with some trends – great, if not – that’s ok, maybe it will create a trend some time:)

Could you please describe your audience? What would people enjoy the most about your products?

My most popular products are vintage-style label fonts. So I guess lots of my customers are craft producers or so. I believe that the overall quality is the main benefit of my products.

Why did you decide to work with TemplateMonster? Would you recommend this platform to others?

The TemplateMonster team kindly invited me. Sure, I’ll recommend this platform as for customers and contributors.

Please share some tips for beginners.

Don’t be afraid to discover new paths, and once you’ve started – don’t leave it halfway!

Bestsellers by Gleb Guralnyk

Smoking Typeface

Smoking Typeface Font


Shoelaces font by Gleb Guralnyk

Bright Calligraphy

Bright Calligraphy font by Gleb Guralnyk

Amber Taste

Amber Taste font by Gleb Guralnyk

Whiskey Label

Whickey Label font by Gleb Guralnyk

Let’s Sum Up

Selling online is a profitable way to represent your creativity. Gleb uses all the opportunities to promote his art – he loves what he does, joins new programs, participates in specials. That’s why success is a pleasant reward for all the effort.

Don’t hesitate to join our family! We are always happy to meet new authors with their unusual, stunning, and innovative templates. Read how to sell your items with us, create your account and submit products. Our caring Review team will contact you in a few days to provide further instructions. Let’s grow together!


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