Seasonal Tips

Look at your products from a seasonal perspective. You can see new opportunities for their promotion that you did not even know about before. Discover how to make the most of the seasonality and where to get ideas for explosive activities. You will learn what products to upload to get more sales during a particular holiday, discover timing issues, seasonal marketing tips, and etc. Do not miss a chance to earn more.

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Make the Most of Christmas 2020

Seasonal marketing is planning and creating content a few months before the start of the season that you intend to use. So, being on a summer vacation, you think about the Christmas holidays. That is true! The concept of seasonal marketing is simple. You create a marketing plan and materials ahead of a season or event with the intention of achieving maximum popularity and sales during the event.

Holidays for online stores and online services are not a time to relax. Due to the pre-holiday growth in demand, it is possible to increase sales several times. But this is only possible if the marketing concept was developed in advance, channels and sales tools were thought out, and errors and failures were excluded. 

Take Christmas, for example. If you want to get the audience’s interest and traffic, you should plan your marketing activities 4-5 months in advance, depending on which channels you want to use. And the beautiful thing about seasonal traffic is that it is almost always predictable. You can find out the exact time when a certain key query will be most popular.