Make the Most of the “Back to School Sale Season 2020”

Content outline:

  • When Does Back to School Sales Period Begin?
  • What Products Does the Marketplace Accept?
  • What Products to Choose for Effective Back to School Sales?
  • A Few Tips on How to Attract Seasonal Customers 
  • What is Back to School?

When Do the “Back to School Sales” Begin?

Usually, back to school shopping sales begin in early July, so online retailers and marketplaces should be ready to offer the products that will make the new school year more exciting and interesting. 

Educational institutions are in search of effective and eye-catching web projects that will present them in a very accessible way, attracting new students and better serving the needs of current students. July is the right time to submit your digital products to the marketplaces if you want to take advantage of this time of the year.

Chalk Board - A Handmade Back to School Font
Chalk Board – A Handmade Back to School Font

What Products Does the Marketplace Accept?

There are various websites and portals which present educational establishments, video websites, learning projects, digital libraries, and other projects. Website owners are always in search of an ideal website template to build a powerful resource and inform people about the definite subject matter and explain the main key features of the institution. If you are an author of effective educational website templates, that is the right decision to try yourself and offer your products during the back to school shopping period.

When talking about other digital products, it is worth mentioning that back to school clipart, images, themes, coloring sheets, cartoons, fonts, photos, and other graphics are extremely popular.

What exactly do shoppers want? Before uploading the products, you should consider highly-demanded stuff and niches. But how to check what exactly is currently in demand among the purchasers? As an example, you can check the most frequent Google search queries. People will look for the items that they want to purchase. 

Sure thing, you are not an SEO specialist to dive into this analysis. Even if an author is a part of a large team to create presentations and other products for different marketplaces, not necessarily they have the resources to hire a full-time SEO specialist. So, that is when we come in to help. 

School & Education 100 Set Pack Iconset Template
School & Education 100 Set Pack Iconset Template

What Products to Choose for Effective Back to School Sales?

To get you inspired, we’ve made a list of key queries related back to school graphical products for your convenience.

Key KD Volume
back to school 39 77000
back to school clipart 4 9600
back to school coloring pages 7 5400
back to school quotes 21 4600
back to school images 4 4300
back to school clip art 3 3000
back to school background 0 2900
back to school pictures 12 1700
back to school flyer 1 1600
welcome back to school clipart 0 1300
back to school wallpaper 1 700
back to school image 3 600
back to school banner 0 600
back to school theme 9 600
back to school svg 2 600
back to school coloring sheets 8 600
back to school graphics 0 500
back to school cartoon 1 500
back to school png 0 500
back to school shirts 1 500
back to school quote 18 500
back to school clipart free 5 400
back to school printables 6 400
back to school font 2 400
back to school poster 0 400
back to school pics 8 400
back to school photos 11 400
back to school coloring page 7 400
welcome back to school images 0 350
back to school art 4 350

Let’s see how to use this table.

Key is a keyword and topic being searched.

Keyword Difficulty (KD) is the difficulty of a keyword, and the lower this difficulty level is, the easier it is. KD score is calculated by taking a weighted average of the number of linking domains to the current top-10 ranking pages and then plotting the result on a logarithmic scale from 0 to 100. It is useful for estimating how difficult it may be to rank, but keep in mind that it does not tell the full story because it is based on one ‘ranking factor’- backlinks (domains).

Take it with a pinch of salt and always investigate the SERPs further before pursuing a keyword. We would suggest creating the products for the keys with difficulty rates ranging from 0 to 10.

Volume is the popularity of a search query on Google. This metric shows how many times per month people search for a query in the search engine. 

What is important to understand about the number of “searches” and not the number of “people.” Most SEO tools show the average number of monthly searches. In addition, search volumes are always location-specific and show volumes for one country only. You can request information about the particular location.

Basically, your task is to choose the key with the highest volume and lowest keyword difficulty and prepare your product due to these metrics. 

If you are working on the clipart, pay attention to the table below to see the best clipart keywords related to Back to School topic.

Keyword Difficulty Volume
back to school clipart 4 9600
welcome back to school clipart 0 1300
back to school clipart black and white 0 500
back to school clipart free 5 400
back to school night clipart 0 300
back to school border clipart 1 200
free back to school clipart 7 200
clipart back to school 4 150
back to school free clipart 5 100
back to school supplies clipart 0 80
back to school bash clipart 0 80
back to school black and white clipart 0 70
back to school clipart png 0 40
back to school kids clipart 1 40
welcome back to school clipart black and white 0 30
clipart welcome back to school 0 20
back to school chalkboard clipart 20
back to school owl clipart 0 20

Few Tips on How to Attract Seasonal Customers 

This time of the year gives an opportunity to play and experiment with seasonal promotions and marketing. 

  • Make sure that you still make a good profit with 75 percent off. Evaluate your niche and product in particular before applying the same high discount as your colleague does.
  • Stick to the holiday trend report as a comprehensive guide to the season’s top trends and opportunities.
  • Brainstorm the types of promotions that make sense for your store. You can use different types of promotions. Build brand loyalty wisely and encourage repeat customers.
  • Establish clear policies and cut-off dates to avoid customer confusion.

Back to School shopping time is a great period to win consumers’ time, attention, and wallets. 

Back to School Doodle Set Vector
Back to School Doodle Set Vector

What is Back to School?

Summer is on its way out, vacations are over, and kids are heading back to school, so it’s high time to get back to the business. Back-to-school is a shopping season when children along with their parents, college workers, and school representatives are searching for money-saving options, and at the same time fulfill their educational needs.

Both online and offline stores are trying to make the most of this lucrative sales period and receive huge traffic. And this refers not only to apparel, school supplies, and electronic devices. Web product manufacturers related to the education area are also on board. Different types of business and product niches are doing their best to take advantage of this sales time.

Go for it!


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