Make the Most of Christmas 2020

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  3. What Products Does the Marketplace Accept for Christmas Sales?
  4. What Products to Choose for Effective Christmas Sales?
  5. A Few Tips on How to Attract Christmas Shoppers 


Houses are glowing with colorful lights, shopping centers are full of excited buyers, and the holiday spirit is in the air. Does that ring a bell for you? Yep, that is a magical Christmas shopping season! 

Almost every company is looking forward to Christmas and New Year in order to increase their sales and attract new customers. The time of Christmas and New Year is the most difficult because every customer wants to take the most of this shopping time and save (or spend) some cash. Retailers across all product categories compete with incredible deals to clear out their stock.

In large stores, sales are held regularly, regardless of the season. But Christmas sales cover absolutely all stores, from small shops to boutiques that sell ‘haute couture’ things. Everyone has a chance to get a significant discount on the product they like.

Many online stores make pre-holiday sales to encourage customers to buy gifts for friends and family. Even if your product is not very suitable for a gift, customers are waiting for bonuses, discounts, and free delivery. They are warmed up by the festive excitement and spend money willingly. As a vendor of website templates or bundled holiday graphics, you should definitely make the most of Christmas 2020.

Christmas Sales Timing

In the United States, the Christmas shopping season starts in October. Some companies start their Christmas marketing campaigns after Halloween. Black Friday is traditionally the day most people associate with the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. 

In Canada, merchants begin advertising campaigns just before Halloween and step up their marketing following Remembrance Day on November 11. In the UK and Ireland, the Christmas shopping season starts from mid-November, when the street Christmas lights are turned on.

As the phrase goes, repair your cart in December… Those who have the habit of preparing everything in advance are in a scoring position. As a vendor of digital products, make sure to upload your products in September – October if you want to join the Christmas sale.  

Before purchasing, consumers actively study the market and search for information about products and prices on the web. Therefore, brands and retailers need to take care of the visibility of their offers in the search in advance.

What Products to Choose for Effective Christmas Sales?

Before uploading the products, you should think over high-demand stuff and niches. But how to check which graphics type is in demand right now? You can always get to the most frequent Google key queries. People will search for the items that they want to purchase. 

If you you are not an SEO specialist to dive into this analysis you can use free SEO tools that will get you a bunch of keywords you need. In case SEO is completely out of your area of concern we can help you with that.

We’ve made for you the list of the key queries related to Christmas graphics products to help, we hope these will help you get the most of Christmas sales within the marketplace. 

Keyword Difficulty Volume
christmas background 9 104000
christmas cards 58 87000
christmas wallpaper 7 79000
merry christmas images 16 79000
christmas coloring pages 39 69000
christmas clipart 21 64000
christmas images 26 50000
christmas pictures 28 42000
christmas tree clipart 6 33000
christmas ornament 39 18000
christmas font 30 14000
christmas pattern 0 3100
christmas texture 0 600

Here is a short explanation on how to use the table properly.

Key is a keyword and topic that is searched in Google.

Keyword Difficulty (KD) is the difficulty of a keyword, and the lower this difficulty level is, the easier it is to rank for this key. KD score is calculated by taking a weighted average of the number of linking domains to the current top-10 ranking pages and then plotting the result on a logarithmic scale from 0 to 100. It is useful for estimating how difficult it may be to rank for, but keep in mind that it does not tell the full story because it is based on one ‘ranking factor’- backlinks (domains).

Take it with a pinch of salt and always investigate the SERPs further before pursuing a keyword. We suggest creating the products for the keys with the difficulty 0-10.

Volume is the popularity of a search query on Google. This metric shows how many times per month people enter this query in the search engine. 

What is important to understand – it is about the number of “searches” and not the number of “people.” Most SEO tools show the average number of monthly searches. In addition, search volumes are always location-specific and show volumes for one country only. You can request information about any location.

Basically, your task is to choose the key with the highest volume and lowest keyword difficulty and build a product based on these metrics. 

Below you will see the most frequently used clipart-related queries based on the popularity of Christmas keywords:

Keyword Difficulty Volume
christmas clipart 21 64000
christmas tree clipart 6 33000
merry christmas clipart 6 11000
christmas border clipart 12 10000
free christmas clipart 18 10000
christmas lights clipart 2 9200
christmas wreath clipart 1 6100
christmas clipart black and white 1 6000
christmas ornament clipart 0 5600
christmas clipart free 17 4700
clipart christmas 17 3300
christmas light clipart 2 3200
christmas tree clipart black and white 0 3100
christmas ornaments clipart 0 2800
christmas garland clipart 0 2800
religious christmas clipart 4 2700
christmas star clipart 0 2700
christmas present clipart 0 2600
christmas holly clipart 1 2300
nightmare before christmas clipart 0 2200
christmas borders clipart 10 2100
christmas clipart images 17 2100
christmas party clipart 2 1900
christmas images clipart 21 1800
christmas stocking clipart 0 1700
christmas background clipart 6 1500
christmas banner clipart 0 1400
ugly christmas sweater clipart 0 1400
free clipart christmas 16 1400
cute christmas clipart 4 1400
christmas bells clipart 1 1400
christmas eve clipart 0 1300
christmas cookies clipart 1 1300
clipart christmas tree 6 1300

Check out more by following the link below

You should not pass over the keys with the least competition:

Keyword Difficulty Volume
nightmare before christmas fabric 0 27000
cotton panel nightmare before christmas 0 21000
christmas in the heartland 1 13000
merry christmas ya filthy animal 0 13000
christmas drawings 1 12000
merry christmas you filthy animal 0 12000
christmas tree cartoon 1 12000
hobby lobby christmas trees 1 11000
snoopy christmas 0 11000
christmas tree drawing 1 10000
solar christmas lights 1 10000
christmas characters 0 9000
klove christmas 1 8900
christmas tree collar 1 8600
christmas tree png 0 8500
merry christmas in french 0 8500
target christmas tree 1 8200
christmas tree silhouette 0 8200
christmas tree svg 0 8000
merry christmas sign 0 7900
safeway christmas hours 1 7600
switched for christmas 1 7500
merry christmas in italian 0 7500
christmas hentai 0 7300

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A Few Tips on How to Attract Christmas Shoppers 

Put on holiday promotions and follow the marketing tips below to succeed in Christmas sale 2020:

  • Include Christmas campaigns in your annual marketing plan. This will help you to be well-prepared.
  • Consider the types of promotions that make sense for your store. You can use different types of promotions. Build brand loyalty wisely and encourage returning customers.
  • Establish clear policies and cut-off dates to avoid customer confusion.
  • Evaluate your niche and products in particular before applying the same discounts as your competitors did. On the one hand, the discounts increase conversion, but on the other hand, if you do not use them correctly, you can devalue the product.
  • Create a festive atmosphere when advertising your product. Customers love positive changes and will appreciate the unique holiday designs. 
  • Introduce offers for exclusive products. Customers enjoy these special product lines.
  • Create a sense of urgency with countdown markers, for example.
  • Use alternative channels to promote a product: Pinterest, Quora, YouTube, etc.

What Products Does the Marketplace Accept for Christmas Sales?

When talking about website templates, graphics, and elements, you should think over what exactly shoppers may need for Christmas. Your job is to predict customers’ wishes and to give more than expected. People are looking for some holiday-themed products, beautiful packaging, website templates, cards, posters, fonts, and all kinds of Christmas gifts. Anyone with a website or a blog may want to decorate it for Christmas to create a magical mood.

Here are some examples of Christmas-themed products for your inspiration. 

A Very Plaid Christmas Design Kit Illustration

Winter Spirit Font

Cuddle Weather Clipart & Patterns Illustration

Winter Vibes Design Kit Illustration

Jingle All The Way Design Kit Illustration

VSTK DSN Christmas Product Mockup

Holly Jolly Collection Pattern

New Year’s Eve is a sales sprint for buyers and marketers. That is a great time to promote your product and make good money. The holiday season helps to attract customers, stimulate sales, and promote products through various channels. Get inspired, try, experiment, and let your product find their consumers with a 100% hit.

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