Make the Most of Thanksgiving 2020: Holiday Tips for Sellers

Soon the holidays will overtake our busy days, the autumn holiday season is a mad period both for customers and businesses. But you can avoid this rush and prepare in advance. 

Are you ready for these holidays? Have you already chosen the products for sale? Have you come up with a promotion strategy? 

Relax and read this guide it will help you to prepare your business for Thanksgiving 2020.

Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated every year in America on the fourth Thursday of November. Dearest friends and all family members come together to spend time together and celebrate this holiday while eating traditional dishes. 

This holiday is great for anyone who adores family dinners, but it’s also a perfect time to promote your products and boost your sales with a pinch of Thanksgiving style. Take your time, efforts, and get prepared for this holiday. 

Key timing

This year we will celebrate Thanksgiving Day on November 28.

The best time to start preparing for the holiday

To be on time, you should start working on your products in August to make sure they are ready by November. You should finalize your holiday ideas ASAP so that search engines will have a chance to index them by Thanksgiving. Also, deploy your search ads during Thanksgiving week. Your future clients will need the graphics for their Thanksgiving day campaigns, let’s say in September.

TemplateMonster plans to promote Thanksgiving to users through our marketing channels (emails, social media, online notifications, ad other), starting in early November through November 28.

Pre-Thanksgiving calendar

August: Make research and create your offer and general plan of the Thanksgiving sale.

September: Start building your audience segments for the search ads. Some of our users can buy it this month for their holiday offers.

October: Share engaging posts about upcoming offers on social media channels.

The first week of November: Create posts on social media accounts about your holiday deals. Make sure they’re reflected on TemplateMonster’s marketplace the right way, giving you better ranking chances.

What products to choose?

One of the biggest challenges for all entrepreneurs and business owners is to find profitable products to sell. Coming up with product ideas is admittedly a little tricky, and the importance of selling a product people will choose in this holiday rush. To help you get started, we’ve put together a small, but clear guide on how to choose products.

The obvious and a golden rule is to sell highly demanded products. 

How to find them? For example, you can see what keywords users enter in search engines (Google, for example) if they search in Google – it means they are most likely to buy such items.

For sure we understand that you don’t want to become an SEO specialist. 

Even if you have a team for creating presentations and other products for different marketplaces, it’s not a fact that you have enough resources to hire a full-time SEO specialist.

But we can help you! We’ve prepared an uploaded a list of key queries for Thanksgiving presentations. Check out the spreadsheet: 

Keyword Difficulty Volume
happy thanksgiving image 6 65000
thanksgiving clipart 7 37000
thanksgiving coloring pages 0 37000
thanksgiving wallpaper 4 23000
thanksgiving background 1 21000
happy thanksgiving clipart 6 9800
thanksgiving cartoon 4 5700
thanksgiving coloring sheets 19 3700
thanksgiving turkey cartoon 1 3500
thanksgiving turkey clipart 4 3200
thanksgiving png 1 3200
thanksgiving coloring pages free 22 2800
thanksgiving image 13 2700
thanksgiving clipart free 7 2500
free thanksgiving coloring pages 22 2300
thanksgiving coloring page 22 2300
thanksgiving background images 2 2200
thanksgiving clipart black and white 0 2100
happy thanksgiving png 1 2000
thanksgiving desktop wallpaper 4 2000
clipart thanksgiving 7 1600
happy thanksgiving wallpaper 0 1600
free thanksgiving wallpaper 6 1500
thanksgiving clipart images 7 1400

How to use this spreadsheet?

  • “Keyword” is a topic and a key at the same time. 
  • “Keyword Difficulty” (KD) is the complexity of the key, the lower it is, the easier it is to rank for this key. First, our recommendation is to sell products for keys with difficulty 0-10. Ahrefs calculates this metric “by taking a weighted average of the number of linking domains to the current Top-10 ranking pages and then plotting the result on a logarithmic scale from 0 to 100.” Keyword Difficulty (KD) is useful to understand how difficult it may be to rank. But remember that it doesn’t show the full picture because it’s based on only one ‘ranking factor’—backlinks.
  • “Volume” is the popularity among other items on Google. How often a query is searched in a search engine. The first thing you need to understand about search volume is that it refers to the number of “searches” and not the number of “people.” It means you and your friend could perform hundreds of searches for “Thanksgiving banners,” which would result in a total search volume of 200 searches generated by only two people. So, your task is to choose the key with the highest Volume and the lowest KD. Then you are ready to prepare a product for it. Please remember that search volumes are always location-specific.

Use Thanksgiving keywords.

If you’re selling things like Thanksgiving templates and pumpkin-pie design elements, target keywords should be added to product titles and descriptions.

How to promote your products?

Ready, steady… Social Media!

Update all your social media profiles with your holiday offer and create the visuals that visitors won’t be able to skip.

Check out all your pages:

  • Update or create a special Thanksgiving Pinterest board.
  • Create funny Social Media Posts on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Go live on Instagram, showing some of your background processes.
  • From time to time share your TemplateMonster profile link.

Show your gratitude and share some love. Make some gifts for your future customers, add some unexpected (small but useful) design elements to the product archive.

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