Make the Most of Halloween 2020

Someone takes Halloween as a way to dress up and have some fun, while others see it as a chance to boost their online sales. If you belong to the second group, this guide will come in handy. We’ve dedicated it to all our TM authors who are looking to understand what Helloween is and how to make money on it. 

So, let’s get started. 

Back to Origins

This enchanting fest has its fans all over the world. It is celebrated in many countries on October 31 and determines the eve of the Western Christian holiday of All Saints’ Day. It gives rise to a three-day observance of a Hallowtide, the “time to remember the dead, including martyrs, saints, and all faithful departed Christians.” Although many believe that the traditions have their roots from ancient Celtic harvest festivals, others find Halloween a Christian feast, separate from the pagan holidays, like Samhain.

In daily life, people walk down the streets and visit neighbors with “trick or treats”, attend costume parties, carve pumpkins, light bonfires, tell scary stories, while some even attend church services and light candles on the grave of the dead.   

Halloween eCommerce

In the meantime, the web shows a completely different situation — online business drops the price on products and services, which leads to increased purchases and boosted revenue. 

Because more and more countries in the world are starting to celebrate Halloween, it becomes a perfect time for brands to get more sales during the festive period. The dropped prices usually boost people’s interest and lead to a spike in online orders 2-3 weeks before the night of October 31. E.g., Amazon is facing an increase in traffic around the holiday which indicates the customers’ expectations concerning sales on Halloween. 

This is the reason why Amazon and other brands trading online offer different promotions long before Halloween time to attract as many consumers as possible in advance. You as a TM author can also grab the chance of making the most of the coming feast and boosting your revenue significantly.

Because Halloween shopping starts 2-3 weeks before the holiday itself, it makes sense to list any relevant products at least a month before the feast to catch early traffic. However, we recommend doing that even earlier and launch the products in August to give users an idea about your inventory. 

Products Accepted at TemplateMonster Marketplace 

So, the best time for listing is determined. What’s next? Now, it’s time to decide on the product you want to launch. If you expect a large demand for the product that will lead to more sales, it should be viable on the market, that is, popular among your target groups. To check that, see what key queries users enter in search engines — if they search in Google, they most likely want to purchase the product. 

Still, we do understand that the developers should not be SEO specialists on top of everything else. And even managing a large team of professionals creating presentation templates and other products to deliver to the marketplace doesn’t always mean they have enough budget to hire in-house SEO. That is why we did all the hard work for you and prepared a list of key queries for ‘Halloween’ presentations. Here’s how you can work with the table. 

  • The keyword is a topic and a search term that describes the content on your page. 
  • The difficulty, also known as keyword competition, is an essential metric to consider in terms of the keyword research process. It is based on domain and page authority, as well as content quality. The higher the keyword competition, the harder it is to rank on the top of search engine results. So, you’d better start with the value from 0 to 10 to compete with others using the same keyword. 
  • Volume defines the number of searches for a certain keyword in a given timeframe or, in a few words, query popularity in Google. 
Keyword Difficulty Volume
halloween coloring pages 26 63000
halloween background 4 45000
halloween wallpaper 10 40000
halloween clipart 12 38000
happy halloween images 7 27000
halloween pictures 18 23000
halloween images 20 22000
halloween clip art 12 13000
halloween font 29 12000
halloween drawings 2 10000
halloween fonts 28 9900
halloween ideas 34 9800
vintage halloween 14 8800
halloween shirts 2 8000
halloween backgrounds 4 7800
halloween art 5 7700
halloween png 0 7100
halloween cartoon 8 6500
halloween svg 4 6300
halloween wallpapers 9 4900
halloween poster 0 4000
halloween coloring page 28 3800
halloween printables 22 3700
halloween banner 1 3600
halloween t shirts 2 3600
halloween invitations 26 3600
halloween doodles 25 3400
halloween phone wallpaper 2 3400
halloween desktop wallpaper 11 3300
halloween worksheets 12 3100
halloween facebook cover 0 3000
halloween cards 6 2900
printable halloween coloring pages 29 2900
halloween photos 17 2800
halloween icons 4 2700
halloween advent calendar 2 2600
halloween flyer 7 2400
halloween shirt 2 2400
halloween stickers 2 2300
halloween greetings 4 2300
halloween graphics 14 2200
halloween vector 5 2100
halloween drawing 4 2000
halloween powerpoint 2 250

So, with the metrics kept in mind, your next step is to select the keyword with the highest volume and the lowest difficulty. Once done, proceed to launch the relevant product.  

Keyword Difficulty Volume
halloween clipart 12 38000
happy halloween clipart 3 4300
halloween clipart black and white 0 3300
halloween clipart free 12 2800
cute halloween clipart 11 2700
halloween candy clipart 0 2100
halloween pumpkin clipart 3 1600
halloween border clipart 1 1300
clipart halloween 13 1200
halloween party clipart 0 1100
halloween images clipart 10 700
free halloween clipart 8 600
halloween cat clipart 0 500
halloween clipart images 12 500
halloween black and white clipart 0 500
vintage halloween clipart 5 450
black and white halloween clipart 0 450
halloween ghost clipart 0 400
halloween costume clipart 0 350
disney halloween clipart 0 300
halloween parade clipart 0 300
halloween silhouette clipart 0 300
halloween clipart transparent background 0 300
halloween bat clipart 1 300
halloween spider clipart 0 300
halloween moon clipart 0 250
halloween clipart border 1 250
halloween clipart png 1 250
halloween borders clipart 2 250
halloween skeleton clipart 1 200
kids halloween clipart 8 200
halloween banner clipart 0 200
halloween pumpkins clipart 2 200
halloween cheerleader clipart 0 200
halloween kids clipart 3 200
free clipart halloween 10 200
scary halloween clipart 2 200
halloween background clipart 0 200
halloween owl clipart 0 150
halloween costumes clipart 0 150
happy halloween clipart black and white 0 150
halloween clipart transparent 0 150
halloween dog clipart 0 150
halloween tree clipart 0 150
halloween black cat clipart 0 150
halloween border clipart free 1 150
halloween witch clipart 0 150
halloween candy clipart black and white 0 150
halloween frame clipart 1 100
halloween birthday clipart 0 100

Promotion Tips

The holiday shopping season is closer than you think — many companies will soon hit the customers with discounts and special offers related to Halloween. This is the period when consumers from the whole world turn to the Internet to embark on their holiday shopping. For you as an author, this is a great time to experiment with promotions and marketing campaigns. But starting the promotion that would match your final result may be way challenging. Here are some tips that will help you appeal to holiday shoppers and not end up with nothing. 

  1. Start an email marketing campaign. Sending promotional emails is an effective approach used to gain more prospective customers. Accompany your emails with special offerings, be it discount details, personal coupons, or free shipping options.
  2. Take care of your social media channels. Social networks are the best advertising choice that lets you increase connection with your followers and keep them updated on the latest news about your products and services, especially when it comes to the approaching promotions.
  3. Watch your price cut. Make sure the sale you run makes sense for your business. To decide on the discount type and amount, calculate the cost of your skills and the time you’ve spent to create a product.
  4. Change your digital presence. Come up with a theme for your email marketing and any other social channels you are present on.
  5. Connect your brand and holiday. Once you find the way to do that, build content to charm your prospects and encourage them to buy from you. Using Google Keyword Planner will help you find the keywords that are most likely to get high search volume during the holiday shopping season. This practice allows you to gain more people with specific requirements, driving organic traffic to your website. 

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