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TemplateMonster is a vast digital marketplace with more than 100 000 items. It wouldn’t have been possible to archive such results without our dear authors. We are glad to share our success with 5 000+ talented vendors that inspire us, put their soul into the products, and share their precious experiences with colleagues. We have asked them about their job, how they started the career, their difficulties, and the key to success. Let’s start!

SRThemes – WordPress Developer

Srthemes TemplateMonster Author

Mohammad is the founder of SRThemes. He started his career as a freelance developer, but soon he realized that it’s more than work. It became his passion, and now he has a team of experienced UI/UX designers, WordPress developers. They aim to provide quality products and make the customer satisfied with their service.

The guys have joined our marketplace in 2020 and have recently uploaded seven items and gained 68 sales. They claim that their work’s distinguishing features are the extended functionality of the themes, attractive design, attention to detail, and caring customer service.

Could you please describe your audience? What would people enjoy the most about your products?

As we develop universal items, anyone can use them to build anything they need quickly. We add useful options in each template; that is why they are flexible, easy to edit, and user-friendly. We are glad to share our developments with the whole world, making us feel a meaningful part of it.

Why have you chosen TemplateMonster to sell your themes?

Your company is a premium marketplace, where we can be sure our client finds us quickly. We are glad to participate in your specials, grab sales and clients’ love. It is a reach source with a friendly team compared to other marketplaces.

Would you give some tips for beginners?

Developing takes time, but it nurtures a bunch of beneficial character traits. So, as a result, you get much more than you thought you would. Be patient and follow your heart.

SRThemes WordPress Bestsellers

Wan – IT Software Service

Wan - IT WordPress theme by srthemes

vCharity – Nonprofit Charity

vCharity - Nonprofit WordPress theme by srthemes

ITHUB – IT Service and Business Consulting

ITHUB - IT WordPress theme by srthemes

Abukick – Presentation Designer

Abukick TemplateMonster Author

Abukick is our presentation designer. Originally from Indonesia, he sells his items all over the world. He lost his job because of Covid-19, so he took a brave step forward and started to develop presentations. Currently, since 2020, he has 93 products and 78 sales!

Creating a new design takes 1-4 days for Abukick. The favorite part of work is getting profit from his skills; meanwhile, the least favorite aspect is to wake up with no inspiration. He uses minimalist design and always follows the most recent trends. In the future, he is going to impress us with unique logos, prints, and website templates!

What do you like the most about being a designer?

I can share my ideas with the world and help other people reach the goal. My products are easy to use and customize, so anyone can find the option that suits them. Moreover, I enjoy providing good customer service, which each author should do for the audience. 

Why did you choose TemplateMonster?

It is effortless to upload my items for sale. The review process is fast, without issues. Here I found my clients – my templates can browse more than 5 million people worldwide, isn’t it amazing? And of course, I would strongly recommend it to my colleagues. 

What should beginners do to succeed?

Don’t be discouraged. Keep learning and keep trying because by doing it, we get results. Make the design pleasure in your heart. And keep in mind: we can if we think we can!

Abukick’s Top Presentations

Magnum – Creative Business PowerPoint Template

Magnum - Business PowerPoint template by Abukick

Speedy Car Services PowerPoint Template

Speedy - Car Services PowerPoint template by Abukick

Farisa – Creative Business PowerPoint Template

Farisa - PowerPoint template by Abukick

CreativeHybridAgency – PSD Developer

CreativeHybridAgency TemplateMonster author

CreativeHybridAgency is a talented graphic designer from Jamaica. In all his works, he aims to put the best of creativity, style and make a unique concept. He works alone and plans to set up the office to make development completely the main concern. He will impress his clients with software developments, new social media, and background sets in the future. Working with people from all over the world is an essential source of inspiration for him. That is why the worldwide audience appreciates his designs for creativity and uniqueness. 

CreativeHybridAgency joined the Marketplace in 2021. It’s a pleasure for him to bring fresh solutions for beginners and help them with amazing graphics and visuals. Being a brand new author feels like a new adventure to him, and the author gladly shares the selling experience with newcomers. 

Why did you decide to work with TemplateMonster? Would you recommend this platform to others?

The platform is great for designers who enjoy creating assets and earning from their skills, and yes, I will recommend it all day, every day.

Please share some tips for beginners.

Tip #1. The most important design tip for non-designers and beginners is to keep it simple. There’s nothing worse than an overwhelming design that is difficult to understand.

To keep things easy, tap into your inner minimalist. Use the minimum amount of text and fonts, keep the colors under control, and the visuals balanced.

Tip #2: Use a cohesive color palette. Color palettes and color schemes are as important as the message you want to relay with your design. Choosing the perfect color combination, though, isn’t always easy.

Fracture Effect | Digital Art Template by CreativeHybridAgency

Fracture Effect Digital Art Template

Summing Up

Today we learned more details about the creative life and path of our dear authors. These are people who put their heart and soul into their designs, and they enjoy the fact that their work benefits customers. Every day they improve their skills and strive for new victories. And they have a lot to advise new authors and everyone who wants to join our community.

If you are a developer looking to make money, selling your products on digital marketplaces is a great idea. With us, you will receive high commissions, regular promotions of your products, mailings, special offers, and excellent support. Become an author today – upload products for review, and we will be glad to welcome you into our big family!


I am an author on the TemplateMonster blog, and my passion is working with our huge community and tracking new popular authors and products. From working in the pre-sales department, I know all about how to sell on TemplateMonster and will gladly share my experience with the readers! Follow me on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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