Write for Us

We are happy that you want to become one of the writers that contribute to MonsterAuthors and its content. After all, we believe in our writers and try to promote them on our platform.

This is why we developed Author Guidelines to keep you informed about content requirements and give you a few recommendations on how to work here. 

Submission Guidelines:

  • It is mutually benefiting to post your content. But it has to be YOUR own content. Try to make sure that the content you submit is not a product of collaboration. We also do not approve content that doesn’t belong to you. If the content you upload has more than one author it has to be stated
  • The content you upload on MonsterAuthors has to follow marketplace requirements legal requirements and other policies on MasterAuthors
  • We will publish your content on TemplateMonster platforms, forums, and categories that relate to your content
  • MonsterAuthers have rules and content requirements and we review the content at our own discretion. We do it in order to make sure that content suits our requirements and legal obligations
  • In case the content does not follow our Author Contribution Agreement or other requirements we reserve the right to post or not post this content
  • MonterAuthors also reserves the right to request editing in order to make sure that content suits the Author Contribution Agreement or other requirements
  • We also reserve the right to decide whether to link with external resources or third-party services
  • Submission takes time and in some cases may take up to 2 months

When MonsterAuthors publish your content you may get:

  • A link at the to the authors’ profile on MonsterAuthors page with your content
  • Your article, post or other content may be in MonsterAuthors or TemplateMonster newsletter
  • Place in our writers’ community 
  • You can also communicate with readers in the comments section

How to begin your work with us and how to upload content to MonsterAuthors:

Make a plan

Try to figure out what theme you know better and what you want to write about. 

Roughly speaking our writers make content that can be divided into next categories:  

  • Inspirational/motivational articles: You can share your own experience, or tell about others’ experience in first-person narrative stories. And you can write about anything inspiring: experience, business, concepts, design projects, and so on. 
  • Informative: If you are an expert in some sphere then it is obvious that you can share some knowledge with our readers. You can make an article about it and post it here. 
  • List-style: made in simple list form such article save a lot of time.
  • Life-style articles: Share your life-style and let us know how much benefits it brings you. 
  • Case studies or inside-design process: Professional text about a specific object or process related to the design sphere. 
  • Visual projects: Sometimes it is much easier to share information in pictures then it is in words. Use pictures, graphics, or images to present more information. It is an especially useful type of article when it comes to the design sphere. 

Tell us your ideas!

When you decide to write for MonsterAuthors first of all you have to contact our blog team. An we have a special form for it. Just click the link and let us know about your ideas.  

If you already have an article then you can attach it while filling the form. However, it has to follow our article and legal requirements. This is why we developed Author Contributor Agreement  and you can check them before 

Write the article:

When you know what you want to write about and your content theme was approved by the MonstrerAuthors team then start writing an article. Of course, try to follow our rules and requirements. Keep in mind, that your content has to be approved after you submit it to MonsterAuthirs. 

Some requirements:

  • For images: When you include images into your project they have to be 760px wide. With an exemption for feature images, they can be 1260px wide. Also, keep an eye on the image license, if it wasn’t made by you. 
  • Text Tips: We all want to create good texts. And there are useful programs that can help you. Like Hemingway Editor that can help you create an easy-to-read text. Or Grammarly developed to help you check the mistakes. 


As was mentioned before it takes time to review your content. In rare cases, it takes up to 2 months to be sure that your content suits MonsterAuthors’ requirements. We will contact you when your content will be reviewed and inform you if your content meets our requirements or if it requires some editing. 


When you pass the review process it takes time to publish your article on MonsterAuthors. It depends on the authors’ number and your article theme and makes take up to three months. Yet, we will definitely publish your article and share it with all our audience through all our media sources and you will be known as a highly regarded author. So do not forget to share this article via your social media.