How to Promote Your Products via Quora: Guide for Authors

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  2. What is Quora? Advantages of Product Promotion via Quora
  3. Creating an Account on Quora 
  4. Searching for Topics and Questions to Answer 
  5. The Best Tips for Writing Your Answers on Quora
  6. Conclusion


Ok, you have found your niche and produced your product. As soon as you successfully launch it, you need to start attracting traffic and getting sales. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or have been working on the market for a long time, additional ways to promote your product on the Internet will never hurt.

Products do not sell themselves, but fortunately, there are many ways to promote them. The Internet as a popular and effective advertising platform is gaining momentum rapidly.

The promotion of digital products on the Internet includes a variety of activities. In some cases, advertisers are limited to placing ads on advertisement boards. This requires minimal investment and time effort, but the results are not always very high. In other cases, if you approach the work in a comprehensive way, the promotion of the product will bring you better results. SEO promotion, Internet advertising, email marketing, social networks, and other effective channels can significantly increase your sales. 

One of the effective methods to promote a digital product is to mention it in question and answer services. is one of the most popular and biggest ones. And, today we will talk about Quora more thoroughly and discuss the benefits of the service for your product promotion.  

What is Quora? Advantages of Product Promotion via Quora

Quora is a question and answer service founded in 2009. The site’s traffic is huge, and it is constantly growing. Unlike classic Q&A websites, Quora is a pretty cool service, almost a social network with an extended set of features. Here you can get an expert answer to any question.

What is Quora? Advantages of Product Promotion via Quora

Quora will help you to solve the following tasks from the start:

  • validate an idea;
  • test the MVP and get feedback;
  • communicate with like-minded people and get an expert opinion;
  • attract the audience’s attention to your product/project/business;
  • increase brand awareness
  • get traffic links;
  • promote your content.

There are a number of advantages to promote your product via Quora. Here are some of them:

  • potentially more than 15 million daily visitors can learn about your product/service;
  • by providing expert answers to questions related to your niche, you can convince the Quora audience of your professionalism and create a positive reputation for yourself and your product;
  • by reading the Quora feed, you can learn something new and useful, and this is absolutely free;
  • well-known users and industry experts can answer your question.

Quora has almost 75% of the traffic from search engines. This means that the Quora audience is really interested in the site’s content. The main thing is to approach the promotion of your product on Quora responsibly and carefully. Otherwise, you can seriously damage your reputation with a couple of careless links. Each of your posts or comments should be useful to your readers.

Creating an Account on Quora

If you want to try Quora and its advantages, you can start by creating an account. What should be an ideal account on Quora?

First of all, you should enter only real data. No nicknames or images. Write your first and last name and add a photo. Quora should understand you are a real person and you are an expert. It is important.

Such information as the company you currently work for and position, your website (if you have one), professional achievements and experience, social network accounts will allow users of the service to trust you more. Add links: to the company’s page, blog, video, and etc.

We would also recommend you to take the ‘Knows About’ section seriously. If you participate in the discussions that are related to your niche only, it will make users doubt. You may only be here to promote your website. Add to ‘Knows About’ everything that you know well and are interested in. And preferably the answers should be written not only on the main topic. The ideal ratio is 80/20. 80% – answers to relevant questions; 20% – answers to any other topics.

Remember, a complete bio helps you to get found on Quora and makes you seem more credible when you answer.

Once done, you are ready to search for a topic, answer on Quora, and demonstrate your expertise.

Searching for Topics and Questions to Answer 

When creating a profile, you have already chosen your desired topics, so the questions related to those topics will show up in your feed. The search box is always available to search for a particular question/topic and browse those you are interested in. Some questions will already have the answers – that is fine, you can always add your own answer. 

No need to waste your time and answer all the questions. Your main goal is to maximize the return in the form of traffic to your target site, and not just puff up your importance as an expert. 

The perfect questions to answer on Quora are:

  • not too old – you reduce the level of competition with other responders;
  • with a significant number of views compared to other questions — this is how you can determine the relevance of this question among the target audience;
  • with a small number of already received responses — so that your answer is not lost in the stream of others and does not “dive” down under other, more recent ones;
  • relatively difficult to answer, although relevant — that is why there are not many answers to them, and the answer here requires practical expertise and knowledge that your company probably has.

The Best Tips for Writing Your Answers on Quora

Now, when you have selected all the appropriate questions, it is time to get to work. In order for your answer to remain at the top, it must be the best in terms of quality, authenticity, and uniqueness. Well, it should bring you traffic, of course. There are several ways to combine all these conditions in your response.

The first method is a short answer with a link where the participant will get comprehensive information about the question.

The second method is a link to previous answers, where this issue has already been disclosed and there are links to external primary sources on your website with a significant amount of relevant expert content.

The third way is to recommend your product or service directly in response to a question. You need to be very careful here so that moderators and the community do not consider your response to be a spam comment.

Here you can see an example of one of the answers on Quora.

Check out a few important tips to follow when writing an answer on Quora.

  1. Personification. Any answer should be as close as possible to the author of the question. You can contact him by name or if the question was asked anonymously, use the data provided by the author (website, company name, etc.).
  2. Visuals. This is a necessary part of a good answer. But this does not mean that you need to add images everywhere. Attach only informative screenshots/illustrations that will help better understand the answer.
  3. Formatting. The list or bold text that you want to emphasize sometimes works better than the answer with 3000 characters with empty images.
  4. Avoid “we”. No “we”, “in our company”, etc. Answers must be written from the first person without generalizing words. Do not be afraid to take responsibility for the posted content.
  5. Response size. The response must be at least 300 characters long. This works even if you want to write something simple and concise. This way users of Quora and its ranking system will better understand your response.
  6. Links. If you need to include a link to the website/product in the context of your response, write it. But try to avoid an excessive use.
  7. Links to other participants. If you would like to quote someone else from the discussion in your response, do so. This way the comment will look natural.
  8. Non-targeted links. Returning to the links, note that if your response does not mean a link to the target site, but requires a link to a tool/service/product, then do not ignore it.
  9. “Thank you for asking”. If Quora sends the question to you, then thank the author. This is a banal courtesy, but it will help with point 1.
  10. Storytelling. The audience of Quora loves stories from life. Your answer should be based on real experience.

Topics on Quora to promote your Products

WordPress Topics on Quora to Follow

Typography topics on Quora

Presentations topics on Quora


Quora is one of the most famous and largest Q&A websites with 500 million visits per month. This free platform, focused on everyone, is great for increasing awareness about your product and attracting additional traffic. If you have a specific product you produce, you need to show expertise, build trust with your audience, and increase the popularity of your brand. Quora covers different areas of interest: from IT to marketing, cooking, or politics. Will the promotion take time? Yes. Will it be difficult? Yes. Will it be worth it? Absolutely! Try, experiment, and get traffic.

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